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Company & Contact Detail pages in PipelineDeals

In PipelineDeals you'll find that, similar to Batchbook, Company and People records share many of the same field types and are available for view from the contact's main view. Take a look at this Company Contact view in PipelineDeals. You'll see that all the important Contact details you're accustomed to having close at hand are in PipelineDeals. Better yet, all of the sections can be moved around or minimized to fit your preferred work flow. Want custom fields or personnel top of mind? Drag and drop the widgets where you need while resting assured that all the data you need is close by. 

For more details on company records and company management - check out the PipelineDeals Knowledgebase under Company & Customer Management!

Company Profile Overview

A Company profile page is a dashboard of information about a company in PipelineDeals. You can edit information about the company, record activities and add new deals and contacts. Reorder the layout of the profile page by dragging and dropping from the top grey bar of each section.

Total pipeline is the total value of all active deals in your PipelineDeals account that are associated with the company.

Updated is the date of your most recent update.

Won is the total value of all won deals associated to the company.

Contact Info is the address and contact information for the company.

Deals is a list of all deals associated with the company. Click Add Deal to add a deal to this company from this page. Filter by allows you to filter deal stage.

Agenda to view and add tasks and events related to the company.

Activities is a summary of an action that a user has taken with a company. Record emails, phone calls, voicemails, proposals, meetings, etc. in the activity area and record by activity category. Users with visibility to the company can collaborate by commenting on activities. Filter by allows you to filter by activity category

Custom Fields created by admins are additional information on a company in PipelineDeals such as industry, size of company, etc.

People are all of the people who are associated with the company.

Files are all documents saved to the company to upload and view.