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How do I send a list of contacts and email addresses to Eventbrite?

Now that you're integrating with Eventbrite, you're probably wondering how to get your contacts in Batchbook over to Eventbrite! You can send your contacts to Eventbrite lightening fast.

Start on the Lists page by selecting the Lists Icon from the navigation bar at the top of the screen

(1) Select the List you want to work with by clicking on it's name. You'll see it's details fill in the preview to the right. (2) Now select Eventbrite as your export option.

If you don't already have a list created that you want to send to Eventbrite, you can create a new one by following the steps here.

You'll be sent to the List Detail page where you can refine what you want to send to Eventbrite. (1) Choose which Eventbrite list to import the contacts to, or you can opt to create a new list. (2) Select which email location you want to use (primary, work, home, other) and (3) if you want to include employees. (4) Hit the Export button and you're on your way!

*TIP - Eventbrite requires that contacts have an email address and a First OR Last name in order to be properly imported.

Batchbook will send you an email once your contacts have successfully been imported into Eventbrite. You'll also see a list of recent exports to Eventbrite under the Export button.


You can click over to your Eventbrite account to take a look at the imported contacts. We love success!!