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How do I import my contacts and past event details from Eventbrite?

Once you've set up your Eventbrite Integration all new registrants will automatically be pulled into Batchbook along with a new shiny Custom Field Set per event that we'll build for you. If you'd like to import your existing Eventbrite contacts take a peek below for a few quick instruction on how to do so.

To import your contacts from Eventbrite, either click on the "Import Contacts!" button on the Integrations page or the "Import Contacts" button at the top of every Batchbook page.

To get started, choose your source by (1) clicking the radio button next to Eventbrite. (2) Choose which Contacts you'd like to bring in - you can bring in contacts from Contacts Lists or Events in Eventbrite.  You'll then be asked to further refine which Contacts Lists or Events. If you're unsure which one to bring in - check out our tip below for the differences each will bring in. (3) Now choose how you want to check for duplicates and (4) what you'd like to do with duplicates found - we suggest you merge.  (5) All contacts will automatically be tagged with "Eventbrite" on import. You can choose to add additional tags at this time as well by adding them into the tag import box (6) Select "Import Contacts"

*TIP: If you select to bring in Contact Lists from Eventbrite - we will bring in both the contact name and email address. However, If you select to bring in contacts from Events - we will bring in not only the contact name and email, but also automatically create a Custom Field Set (titled with the Event Name) containing important information about the event including a link to the event dashboard, information on whether they have registered and attended as well as what type of ticket they purchased.

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