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Importing contacts from Disqus into Batchbook

Start by clicking the account settings drop-down ("Hi" and your name), then click Integrations. Find the Disqus widget and click the "Import Contacts!" button.

1. Select your source as Disqus.

2. Choose Contacts: Make your selections from the menus provided.

3. Configure Import: Choose how to resolve any duplicates that are found. All contacts will automatically be tagged "Disqus". If you'd like to add additional tags you can enter them in the tag import field.

Lastly, click on the "Preview" button.

Take a look at the preview to see what information from your Disqus contacts will be brought into Batchbook.

Hit the "Import Contacts" button to get your contacts in!

If you go to your Contacts tab and click on the Disqus tag, it will filter all of the contacts that have this tag applied so you can check your import.