Drag & Drop Importing

Our drag & drop importing feature makes importing your contacts easier than ever! You can now drag any CSV or vCard file into your Batchbook account on any page and it will automatically trigger the file to import.

vCard - drag & drop

Grab either file and drag & drop it into the Batchbook application on any page.

Once you drop the file into the application it will automatically trigger an import to start.

vCards will directly import. Click on the OK button once it appears in the Success! message.

CSV drag & drop

When you drop a CSV file into the application it will trigger the mapping page to appear.

PLEASE NOTE: when using drag & drop for importing vCards or CSV files, we will automatically Find duplicates by: NAME and Resolve Duplicates by: Merge. If you would like to change this, just click on Show advanced options and choose how you would like your duplicates to be handled.

We'll automatically try and map as many of your headers from the file to fields in Batchbook. Highlighted fields mean they have already been mapped for you. Select a field for each header on your file that is not highlighted (or change any of the highlighted mappings). When you are satisfied, select 'Import Contacts' and you're done!

If we have any problems with a record during import, that record will be skipped and you will be notified via email so please keep an eye out for emails from noreply@batchblue.com!

If you'd like a great overview on drag & drop importing, check out our screencast here.  And as always, if you need any help, email the Customer Experience Team at help@batchblue.com.