Batchbook Knowledge Base Import ContactsHow do I import my contacts into Batchbook?

How do I import my contacts into Batchbook?

Importing your contacts

Let's get those contacts into the system!  Start by...

  1. Click on the Contact button in the header bar.
  2. Click on the Green + CONTACTS button.
  3. Click on the Import button in the drop down.
  1. Click the File Upload radio button (you can also import through some of our integration partners, but we'll stick to CSV imports for now).
  2. Click the Choose File button to find the CSV file on your computer; double click the CSV file name to select it.
  3. If you don't have a CSV ready for import and need to create one you can click on the Click here to download a CSV template for your account button, to get a template for your account.
  4. Next you'll want to select from the drop down menu how you want Batchbook to find duplicates, you can choose from Name & Email, Just Name or Just Email.
  5. Tell us how we should Resolve duplicates, should we merge them, ignore them, or overwrite them?
  6. Pick which date format you would like to use if you have dates on your file.
  7. The Tag import with field is a text box for you to add a tag to all contacts on your file.
  8. Finally click the Preview button!

After you've chosen your file to import we'll automatically try and map as many of your headers from the file to fields in Batchbook.

  1. Rows that are not highlighted will not be mapped to Batchbook fields and will not be imported unless you map them manually to available fields, have a Custom Field Set created to map the data into, or you choose to Create a New Field from the drop down!
  2. Next step for the import is to select a Field for each Header on your file.
  3. Finally, select 'Import Contacts'. You're done!

If we have any problems with a record during import, that record will be skipped and you will be notified via email so please keep an eye out for emails from!

NOTE: We will queue any import with 40 or more records. If your import is queued for this reason, you'll receive a message in Batchbook letting you know. We will also send you an e-mail confirmation when the records have been successfully inserted into your Batchbook account, which should happen in under five minutes.


Check out our "How to Import" video for extra help.

If there is anything else we can help out with - just send us an email to