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How To Connect FreshBooks To Batchbook - Powered By Zapier

If you don't already have a FreshBooks account please visit FreshBooks to set one up. Once you've created your FreshBooks account you can follow the steps below to connect FreshBooks to your Batchbook account and add contacts!

Please note that this Zap will apply going forward with new contacts. If you have existing contacts in FreshBooks that you'd like in Batchbook, you'll want to start by exporting your contacts from FreshBooks and importing them into Batchbook manually (or vice versa). Once your exisitng contacts are in, Zapier will help keep you current!

Start by going to Zapier's website and choosing the Explore tab in the top right hand corner. Enter "Batchbook" into the Filter Zaps by service box. This will bring up all the services that Zapier can connect to Batchbook.

Search for FreshBooks as well and click on the "Use This Zap" button to hook up the connection.

If you don't already have a Zapier account, you will need to create a Zapier account as shown above.

The Zapier integration allows for flexibility; you can set rules for when you want a new contact to be created in Batchbook.  In the example above we've chosen that when a new client is created in FreshBooks, a new person is created in Batchbook.  Once you've chosen the filters for when to create a contact, move forward by clicking on the Continue button.

You will now need to click on the "Connect a FreshBooks Account" button

You will need to sign into your FreshBooks account and locate your API Token. Follow the instructions above.

Once you've entered in all the required fields, click the "Continue" button to move to the next step.

Click on the "Connect a Batchbook Account" button.

You will now be prompted to enter in your Batchbook information.

Click on the "Continue" button.

You can choose to set filters for what customers will be added, you may also choose to leave this blank so that all customers get added. Once you've made your selection click the "Continue" button. We encourage you to explore the filters to ensure that only the contacts you'd like added to the account are added.

This step will allow you to determine what information you want to bring from FreshBooks over to Batchbook.  There is a tutorial to assist you in this step.

You are ready to test your connection out! Click on the "Get sample clients from FreshBooks" button to generate a sample client in FreshBooks to send as a test into Batchbook.

Click the "Send" button to test that everything is set up as you would like it to be and to see if the contact imports into Batchbook as expected.

You can view what the information in FreshBooks looks like by clicking on the "Sample Client" button.

Click on the Batchbook "Create a Person" button to see how it will display in Batchbook.

To finalize the whole process click the "Make Zap Live" button.


Note: remember that this Zap will apply going forward only.