Import Google Contacts

Import your contacts from your Google account into Batchbook with a few quick clicks!

Start by clicking on the 1. Contacts Tab, then the 2. +CONTACTS button and finally the 3. Import option.

Google Contacts will be listed as one of your choices when selecting a source; click on it! You will either be asked for your user name and password for Google if you aren't signed in or you'll be asked to choose which account from a list of the accounts you are currently signed in with.

Once you've clicked on the account you want to work with, you'll be prompted to verify that you give your permission to use that account.

Once your account is connected, the groups you've set up in Google will be populated in the drop down menu under the "Choose Contacts" section. We suggest that you first organize your contacts in Google into appropriate groups to make the import go as smoothly as possible.

Once you've got your group picked, it's time to configure your import. You will need to choose how to detect duplicates and what to do with them once they are found. Do you want to ignore them or merge them on import?

All contacts brought in via Google Contacts import will automatically be tagged with "Google Contacts." Your contacts will also have a tag for the name of the custom group once they are imported; in the case above the second tag will be "Starred in Android". You can also add your own custom tags on import. 

Last but not least, please click the "Import Contacts" button to start your import (unlike other import features in Batchbook you will NOT be taken to a mapping screen - the import will just automatically begin).

Your import will take some time to process. Once your import completes, you will receive an email letting you know it's done.

You can go into your account to check and see if your information made it in by searching for the tags that were applied on import.



Your Google authentication is only connected for 1 hour. After that time you will have to authenticate the account again. During that hour if you want you import contacts from a second Google account you will need to click on the blue Import from another Google Group under the source section to be given the option to choose a new account.

If you have a label in Google for a phone number or email address that doesn't exist in Batchbook, we will create a new custom label for it in your Batchbook account.