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How do I export data from Batchbook to a CSV?

Exporting data from Batchbook is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Searching for contacts
  2. Saving the search as a List
  3. Exporting the data on those contacts you'd like to export

You can click on any of the links above for a refresher about any step, we'll cover the basics for you here though. You may also be interested our article that talks about what data you can export.

1) Searching for contacts

Step 1 is to do a search for the contacts you'd like to export.  Let's look for all our individual contact records. Once you have found the contacts you want to export, click the "Show Results" button.

2) Save the search as a List

To save your search as a list, just press the "Save as list" link, and give the list a name and an optional description.

3) Pull up your saved list, and tell Batchbook what data to export

Click on the "Export CSV" button, and you'll see the following screen to select which data you'd like to export...

Select data to export

Just check off the data you'd like to export, and click the Export button when you are done.

Press the export button, and viola!

Your file will be emailed to you once it's been processed. You'll have 72 hours from that point to download the file (there will be a link, just click on it and it should download automatically to your computer). If you run into any on below.


Sometimes you may experience an issue with a file export... if so, these are some common issues we see.

  • One issue is that the email never comes. If you've exported a rather large file, or if there are other jobs in the queue for processing ahead of yours, there may be a delay in when you get the file. If it's been an hour, please send us an email to and let us know what the name of the List is that you were exporting. We'll look into the cause of the hold up.
  • Another issue we see is the file won't download when you click the link, or you can't find the file once downloaded. Right click on the link instead and save the file to your computer that way.
  • Anything else? You probably could have guessed it...but just send us an email to, and we'll gladly help you out.