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How do I add Custom Fields? (Video Included!)

A Custom Field Set allows you to group similar records together and also allows you to add additional custom data fields and relevant information to that record. Custom Field Sets can be applied to contact (company or individual), communication and To-Do records.

For example, a flower shop owner might want to know what season certain nurseries are open, so he might add a "Nursery" Custom Field Set on all records for nurseries. He can then add a "Season Open" Field  to that Custom Field Set, along with any information he might want to track for each nursery. Or, a real estate agency might wish to add information about which hours properties can be shown and whether there are pets on the premises.

Creating a Custom Field Set

Creating a Custom Field Set is easy. Start by Clicking on Your Name in the header bar and then selecting the Custom Fields tab.

Click on the New Custom Field Set button, this will pop up a new window.


Give your Custom Field Set a name and brief description. Next hit the Create Custom Field Set button to create the framework for your Custom Field Set.

Here is a link to all the Custom Field types that can be created.

The last step is to create the Fields you would like to include in your Custom Field Set.  Let's keep going with the "Nursery" example.  First, we need to create a field to track what season the nursery is open.  We do that by:

  1. Giving this field a name (Seasons Open).
  2. Choosing the type of custom field this will be (multiple choice w/ checkboxes for each option), and then including options or additional information if needed.
  3. Adding any additional fields that we want, maybe we'll want to know if the nursery sells trees in addition to flowers.
  4. Once finished, press Save.

Re-ordering fields and making a Set "Global"

Re-ordering fields and making a Set "Global"

You can reorder your fields by simply clicking and dragging the Field Name into the order you'd like it. Custom Fields can be edited anytime you'd like by coming back to this page and clicking on Edit.

Lastly, don't forget to decide whether or not you'd like this information to be default on particular record types. By selecting one of the record types circled above you turn this Custom Field Set into a Global Custom Field. This means that this Custom Field Set will be applied to every record of whatever record type(s) you select. If you do not select one of the record types, it will remain Local, meaning you can pick and choose which records it is applied to on an individual basis.  Note: Global Custom Field Sets can still be applied on an as needed basis to other record types it is not global to.

And that's it. Now you've got lots of room to add any additional custom data about the customers in your database!

If you'd like to create your Custom Fields on Import take a look at our Creating Custom Fields On Import support Article.

Need a little more help with Custom Fields? We've got a short video just for you!