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Exporting contacts from Batchbook into MailChimp

If you'd like to export your contacts from Batchbook to MailChimp, we've made it super quick and easy from the List Detail Page.

Export your list to MailChimp

On the List Detail page you'll see your handy new MailChimp widget ready for action (after you've set up the integration)!

  1. Select which MailChimp list you'd like to import your list to.
  2. Create a new list in MailChimp.
  3. Select the location of the emails you'd like to send (home, work, etc).
  4. Choose to include employees of company records.
  5. Check the box that says you have permission to add these people to your list.
  6. Export!

You'll see highlighted in yellow above, the history of this list, past pushes to MailChimp are noted, along with the date and time, and number of contacts that were sent over.

HINT: If no contacts or not as many contacts get exported to MailChimp as you anticipate, there are a couple of possible reasons: using role based emails (info@ or support@ for example) will be rejected by MailChimp. The head Chimp himself wrote this blog post explaining why.  Contacts that have no email address or if you chose a location that the contact doesn't have an email address for also will not make it over. For example if you select to export work but the contact's email is under main - it won't export. You can choose to export again with a different location if there are many of each location type.