Creating Custom Fields On Import

You can create Custom Fields right from your CSV import!

Batchbook will detect that you have fields in your file that don't have a place to be stored in Batchbook.  You'll have the option to choose to create a new Custom Field Set to save it to.

Getting Your CSV File Ready For Import

1. Fields that already exist in Batchbook

2. Fields that don't yet exist in Batchbook (new Custom Fields will need to be created to house this information)

TIP: Make sure you have data in the first row of your file if you'd like Batchbook to automatically detect the field type (Number, Yes/No etc) for each column. Otherwise, it will default to a long text field.

Time To Import

Once your CSV file is ready to import, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Contact button
  2. Click + CONTACTS
  3. Click Import
Time To Import

Now you are ready to set up your import:

1. Choose the source your file is coming from

2. Choose your file to import

3. Decide how you'd like to deal with duplicates

4. Add a tag to these contacts (if you like)

5. Hit the "Preview" button

*Note, you can also Drag and Drop your CSV file to trigger the import.

Preview Mapping Page

The bottom four fields are set to be skipped because they don't have anywhere to be mapped to. You'll need to select an option in the drop down menu on the right.

From the drop down menu on the right, choose "Create new field". This option will create a new Custom Field Set for this information. It will automatically be called "Imported Custom Data".  You may rename this Custom Field Set after your import is complete.

Hit the "Import Contacts" button to start your import.

Import Completed

Once the import is complete, pull up one of the imported contacts to see how everything was brought in. In this example, you'll see the new Custom Field Set "Imported Custom Data" and the four fields that were filled out.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you rename the "Imported Custom Data" set to a new Custom Field Set name. This will save the custom fields that you imported as a unique set and allow you to create another new Custom Field Set on import.

You can do this by clicking on the arrow next to "Hi Your Name" in the upper left hand corner and then selecting Custom Fields from the drop down menu.

1. Click on the "Imported Custom Data" Custom Field Set from the list and it will show you more details on the right side of the screen.

2. To edit the Custom Field Set name, click on it and enter a new title.