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Importing Contacts From QuickBooks Online

Note: At this time the QuickBooks Online integration only works with the US version.

Starting an import

Users who have been given access to the QuickBooks Online integration may import contacts into Batchbook by clicking on the on the 'Import contacts created' link directly from the QuickBooks Online widget, which is located on the Dashboard.

Select QuickBooks Online as your source

  1. Choose Source - QuickBooks Online
  2. Choose Contacts. You can choose to bring in all customers or just the ones that are new since the last time you imported from QuickBooks Online (Vendors are not able to be imported at this time)
  3. Choose how to find duplicates (just name, just email, or name and email)
  4. Choose how to resolve your duplicates - merge, ignore, or overwrite (Note: We recommend reading the description of what each merge option will do prior to choosing)
  5. Tag import (optional)
  6. Click to Import Contacts