Exporting Contacts to QuickBooks Online

Note: At this time the QuickBooks Online integration only works with the US version.

Building a list to export

First, build a list of the contacts you want to export. If you need assistance with how to create a list, please check out the following link to get detailed instructions: Creating a list from search results.

Export your list to QuickBooks Online

Once you've created your list, choose the QuickBooks Online tab to export your contacts. It will give you two radio buttons and one check box to choose from:

  1. Yes, replace QuickBooks Online contact details.
  2. No, leave QuickBooks details as-is.
  3. Include employees of all companies (this is a check box and can be chosen or left blank with either the yes or no options above)

Hit the Export button to finalize the export.



Once your export is successfully started you'll receive the following message to let you know that it's being processed. You will receive an email once it's complete.