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How To Initiate An Email From A Contact Record

To initiate an email from within Batchbook, you simply need to click on a contact's email address. Your default email client will open with the email address of this contact as well as your Batchbox address already in place. Once sent, this email will be logged in your account as a communication.


  • If your preferred email client isn't the one launched when you click on an email address, you can change this using the instructions below. (Instructions are for Mac OS-X and Windows-8). If you don't see your operating system below you'll need to search for instruction on how to set your particular email client as the default.

  • If you click on the email address and a new window opens but it's blank, it might be a browser privacy setting that is blocking this link from opening. You'll need to go into your browser and set the permission to allow this link to open. Below you'll find the instructions for Chrome.