Deals Settings

We know that every team's Deal process is a little different from the next. So we've built in a few ways to customize Deals so that it works best for you.  Use these settings to help customize your deal process.

To customize your Deal Settings, click on your name in the upper left corner and choose Settings, then Categories.

You will see that there are three Deal sections that you can manage.

1. Deal Stages where you can:

    a. Add a new stage

    b. Edit an existing stage

    c. Delete an existing stage

HINT: Deal stages can be dragged and dropped to reorder!

2. Deal Categories:

    a. Add a new category

    b. Edit an existing category

    c. Delete an existing category

3. Deal Territories:

    a. Add a new territory

    b. Edit an existing territory

    c. Delete an existing territory