Deals Overview

Deals comes with a new look and workflow that we're excited to share with you! Our new multi-pane view allows you to quickly slide back and forth between views without losing your place on the previous pane.

Deal Panes Overview

Deals is a four pane view (up to three panes are viewable at one time depending on the device you're using):

1. Filter View

2. List of Deals

3. Deal Detail View

4. Contact Overview (below)

Deals Headers

1. New Deal: creates a new Deal.

2. Back Button: moves you back a pane.

3. Show Toolbar: gives you an option for how to sort Deals.

4. Refresh: brings you back to the default settings.

5. Expand: shows you additional details about each Deal.

6. Deal Name: click to view full Deal details in next pane.

7. Edit Deal: edit Deal information.

8. Archive/Unarchive Deal: set a Deal to be archived if you're no longer working with it and it will be removed from your list of Deals pane. If you unarchive a Deal, it will return to the list of Deals pane.

9. Delete Deal: will completely remove the Deal for good.

10. Contact name: click to view contact details in next pane.

1. More: brings you to the contact's full detail page.

2. Contacts Preview: similar to what you'll find on the Contact Browse tab.