Deal Filters

Generally when working with Deals, the goal is to close more of them, of course. So we've built the the first pane view of Deals to help you filter and sort to find the Deals you want to work with next. Use the Filters available to narrow down the specific Deals you want to work with. Need help customizing some of these filters? Check out the Deals settings.

1. New Deal: To create a new Deal

2. Filter

3. Search Keyword: If you remember a keyword for your Deal, but can't remember the Deal name itself, use this feature to help find the right Deal

HINT: Keyword search looks through: Title and Description

4. Account Settings: This button will quickly link you to the admin panel so that you can manage your Deal categories

5. Reset: This will reset all your filter buttons back to the default settings

6. Collapse: Hides your filter view

7. Any Stage: Filter by stage

8. Assign to Any User: Filter by user

9. Any Category: Filter by category

10. Any Amount $: Filter by amount

11. Any Territory:  Filter by territory

12. Any Status: Filter by status

13. Show Archived: Clicking this checkbox will show all Deals that have been archived

14. Summary: Groups your Deals by stage and provides you with a total amount for all Deals of this type

15. Search: Once you've set all your filters click on this button to return results


  • If you pull the same search often, bookmark the page after creating your search for easier access to the search next time.  
  • If you need to share a search with your team you can also copy the URL after setting up the criteria and send your team the link to that page.