Picking the Right Leads

During the lead qualifying stage of the sales process, how do you use Batchbook to determine which leads to focus on?

  • Let leads qualify themselves by using webforms to gather more information on what they are looking for. 
  • Consider your lead source - did the customer stumble on your site, is it from word of mouth from a stranger or from a trusted friend? Knowing where your lead comes from helps you build background knowledge and the more personal, the more likely a customer is to stick with you.
  • Determine what qualifications are the best indicators of a future happy customer. You can do this by storing key details about your leads. 
  • Once you have the key details, you'll need to have a way to prioritize your leads, you can do this with Tags or Custom Fields. Tags capture a small phrase that is sortable, where Custom Fields have the ability to capture more detailed information about a contact that is also sortable.

Check out our Sales Guide for more details on how to create a winning sales process for your team!