How to Set Up a To-Do Reminder

For those most important to-dos, set yourself up a little reminder (or a lot of them) so you'll be sure to get them done.

Set a Due Date

Reminders need a due date, otherwise we won't know when to send your reminder. 

Click on Add Reminder

When creating a new to-do or editing a current one, click on Add Reminder to set up your reminders. 

Click on Add Reminder

Choose Email or SMS

You can get your reminder via email or SMS text. Your email address is already set up, but you will need to set up your phone number to receive SMS. 

Do that by clicking on your name, and then on Settings. Look for the box that says Notifications to authorize your mobile number. 

Choose a Time

Reminders can be set to send X number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months before the task is due. 

You can set multiple reminders for a single to-do.