How to Import from a Spreadsheet

Bring any of your current data into Batchbook from a spreadsheet. 

Save your spreadsheet in the .csv format

In order to import your spreadsheet into Batchbook, you first need to save it as a .csv file.

To do this:

  1. Open your spreadsheet

  2. Click on Save As

  3. Choose .csv format from the list of options

Note: You will only be able to save the open sheet as a .csv. If you have multiple sheets on one file, save each as a separate .csv file.

Save your spreadsheet in the .csv format

Import your spreadsheet

After you save your spreadsheet as a .csv file, you can import it into Batchbook. Either drag the file directly over your Batchbook screen, or click on + Import Contacts in Batchbook and choose File Upload.

After you click File Upload, you will need to select the proper file, and then click Preview. Dragging your file in skips the need to search for the file and will take you directly to the preview.

Map your fields

Each column from your spreadsheet can be mapped to a field in Batchbook. We have all the basic contact fields available, and you can also add your own custom fields so that you have a place to store everything in Batchbook.

You can also skip fields or choose to create a new field for any data that you want to bring in but have not already created your own custom field for.

If you have a lot of custom fields, or fields that you would like to group into several different sets, we suggest adding your own custom fields prior to your import.

Import those contacts

After you have mapped your fields, you can go ahead and click on Import Contacts.

We will send you an email when your import is complete or if we run into any errors. If you have trouble importing, please reach out to us at

Note: If this is your first import, we suggest working with a small sample file to make sure everything imports as you expect.

Learn more about importing.