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Using Batch Actions To Update A Contact With Duplicate Custom Field Sets

Do you have more then one instance of a Custom Set on a record? If so follow these instructions for how to update these fields and make sure the changes get applied to the correct Custom Field Set.


Multiple Custom Fields Sets Applied On One Record

Above you see that the Custom Field Set (CFS) Batchbook Open Haus was applied twice to this record. We need to update the top CFS on this record and a group of others just like it to all show attended as NO

Start by pulling an Advance Search of the contacts that you need to update

Click the green search button to show the results

Check the boxes to the left of the contacts that you want to include in the update

From the drop down menu for Batch Actions choose to "Manage Custom Fields"

Click the EDIT button followed by the green OK button

We need to select the "Batchbook Open Haus" CFS from the drop down list

You'll now see two instances of the CFS. The tops one is "if this" and the bottom section is, then "Change to".

For our example we need to update the field "Attended" on a few records for a group of contacts that didn't actually make it to our open haus event.

I started by putting a check in the box next to "Attended" in the upper set and chose the radio button next to yes. In the lower set I checked "Attended" and then selected the radio button next to no (since they didn't actually attend).

You need to be sure to check the "Overwrite Data" button and finally the "Review" button.

Confirm that all is correct in the preview screen, then hit the "Submit" button.

Hit "OK"

Congrats, you are done!

Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation

Here is a look at the email conformation that you will get in your user email account once the system has processed the changes.

A quick peek back in my account at one of the contacts shows that the update was successful.