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How to set up a shared Zap with Wufoo

We've now made it even easier to connect your Wufoo and Batchbook accounts using a Zapier shared Zap!

You've already got a Batchbook account and a Wufoo account, now all you need is a free Zapier account (if you don't already have one.) Once you set this up every new contact that comes into your form will also be added straight to your Batchbook account.

The first place you'll want to visit is our integration page for Wufoo.

Where to start!

Click on the "Set it up" button to start the set up process.

My Wufoo Form:

My Wufoo Form:

Before you connect your integration you'll want to take a look at the form you are bringing in. If you are bringing in any data that isn't a default field in Batchbook, you'll need to create a Custom Field in our system to capture that data before you make the connection. This will ensure that you have a place to map it to.

You can see in my form above that I have a field called "How did you hear about us?" This is not a default field so I need to make sure that I have a Custom Field ready and waiting to capture this data. You can follow these instructions for creating a Custom Field Set if you don't already know how to do this. Once this is completed you can continue to follow along to set up your Wufoo shared zap!

Click the "Make this Zap!" button and a window will pop up for you to do the one time connection of your Wufoo account to Batchbook. Once your account is connected, if you want to add additional shared zaps this process will already be completed and you won't need to repeat this step.

Click connect

Fill in the information on the form to log into your Wufoo account and then click "Yes, continue" to proceed.

From the drop down menu choose the form that you'll be working with for this zap. Then click "Save + continue"

Click on the "Use this one" button to select the Batchbook account that you want to connect with. If you have more than one account and it's not showing you can click on the "+ Connect a new Batchbook account" button to add it to your list.

Here is where you'll choose which fields to include; email is the one field that is required to be included. Start by clicking on the "Insert fields" button and mapping them from the drop down options. Since we have the additional field "How did you hear about us?" I'll also need to click the "Show advanced options" button so I can see the Custom Fields mapping. In the screenshot below you'll see this shown and again you'll click to add it. When you have all the fields from your form mapped click the "Save + finish!" button.

You now have everything connected, CONGRATULATIONS!

It's always a good idea to test your new connections to make sure everything is working correctly, so let's go ahead and give that a go. Click the "Test out my new Zap" button.

Click "Continue + fetch the entry." This will grab the last person who was entered into your form. If you don't have anyone entered yet it's a good idea to go over to your form in Wufoo and add one test entry so we can complete this test.

You can see my test entry above, it looks good! Click the "Continue + send to Batchbook" button.

Awesome! It worked!

Click the "See this Zap on your Dashboard" button to be taken over to Zapier and you'll see your confirmation that this Zap is showing in their system.

Last but not least, you want to go into your Batchbook account and search for this test contact to make sure all the data was brought in as expected.

The First and Last Name, Email and How did you hear about us, have all been brought in perfectly. Going forward all contacts submitted via this Wufoo form will automatically appear in your Batchbook account!