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What data is automatically saved in Batchbook?

A huge benefit of the Eventbrite integration is that we do the work for you! Once you've set up the integration, new registrants will automatically be sent to Batchbook from Eventbrite. Then, we save contact details and event information for you to help you stay on top of your registrants.

New Registrants to Events

Once the integration is set up, new registrants will automatically be sent from Eventbrite to Batchbook and we automatically save the Contact's (1)name and (2)email address to start the profile. Additionally, we'll create a Custom Fields Set for the Event with the (3)Name of the Event as the title and including: (4) a link to the Event Dashboard, if they've (5)Registered, if they've (6)Checked In, the (7)Ticket TypeB, (8) Start Date and the (9) End Date.

TIP: Keep in mind that Checked In will usually be 'No' since the event has not yet happened and you'll want to update it after the event.

TIP: Contacts will automatically merge based on 'email' only. If the email already exists in your account, regardless of the name we will merge it with the new incoming contact.

New Registrants to Events

When importing previous Contacts

If you use the import feature to pull in previously existing contacts from Eventbrite to Batchbook we'll pull in information from Eventbrite to store in Batchbook. Which source you choose will determine what information we store.

  1. If you select to import Contact List - we'll save the contacts name and email only.
  2. If you select to import Events - we'll pull in the same information and details from above (Name, Email and Event Details).