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How do I follow-up & keep in touch with Eventbrite attendees?

You worked hard to get the word out about your event and created an event that your attendees thoroughly enjoyed! Now it's time to keep those good feelings going by being sure to follow-up and stay in touch!

Create a list of folks you want to follow up with

Understanding who needs a follow-up is quick and easy in Batchbook with Lists. Create a list of folks you want to follow up with.  The list can be based on all attendees of an event, attendees who bought a certain ticket type or date they registered. These lists will then automatically keep updated based on the criteria you've chosen. No need to keep running lists for most updated information. Get creative! The options are endless!

E-mail the group to stay in touch before and after the event

No one wants to feel left out! Communication is a key piece to any relationship so with Batchbook we make that communication as easy as possible no matter what size group you're working with.

If the list is under 20 contacts, you can e-mail them directly with the Send Group Email option. 

A great way to stay in touch with committees involved with the events or your group of sponsors & vendors. Use the Send Email feature to stay in touch with small groups under 20 contacts!

If the list is larger, you can save it as a MailChimp group and e-mail from MailChimp.

When its a larger group, like volunteers or new potential registrants, save your list as a group in MailChimp and e-mail from MailChimp.

Send speaker gifts or thank you notes

We all love those personal touches. For those folks who have helped make your event successful, print mailing labels for post-event follow-ups to send thank you gifts or notes.

Get the whole team involved in keeping your new contacts happy!

You can assign team members individual follow-ups with contacts. Your whole team can work together to make sure registrants are up-to-date, informed and having a great event which makes for a great relationship!