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How do I cross promote events using an email marketing service, like Mailchimp?

Now that you've added lots of handy information about Eventbrite contacts to Batchbook you'll likely want to search these contacts to export or build new lists. For example, when it's time for a new event we want to make sure to include previous registrants in any marketing! These are folks who have started a relationship with us and we want to continue. In this example we're looking for people who registered for our last two events but haven't registered for our upcoming event so that we can offer them a special promo code!

Build List of Past Registrants

From the (1) Lists Page click on the (2) '+ List' button to create a new list.

Tip: You can also shortcut straight to the Advanced Search by clicking on the Search Tab highlighted below.

Create your List Criteria

You'll be moved to the Advanced Search Page. Use the Drop downs presented to choose the criteria you'd like to search on. In this example we're searching for folks who registered for our last two events - (1) 3rd Annual Art Smart Weekend and (2) Wine More! Book Signing Event - but not our next event - 2015 Vinolicious Festival, so that we can offer them a special VIP discount. You'll notice that to search for people who haven't registered we're looking for folks who don't have the (3) 2015 Vinolicious Festival Custom Field Set yet applied to their record because the Custom Field Set will automatically be applied as soon as they register. Once the criteria are in, click (4) Search to run the search.

Return Results of Search

After you run the search you'll be sent to a list of the contacts matching the search as well as a results tally off to the right. If you plan to use the list again and again - (1) Save as list so that you can easily access it from the Lists Page at any time. It will be a dynamic list that automatically updates. If it's a one time list that you won't use again - you can choose to (2) Export or View the list from here. You'll be prompted to determine what information you want to include on the report.

TIP: Need more help on Exporting. Take a look here for more information on Advanced Search and Exporting Contacts.

Save List for Cross Promotion and other uses!

After you've built your list be sure to select Save as List. You'll be prompted to enter a name and description for the new List. Click Save as List when complete.

Cross Promote with or Export to MailChimp

Now that you have a saved list you can send your list of potential registrants to MailChimp with the click of a button! Once you've saved the list you'll be sent to List Detail page where you can find information about the list including the contacts and the options available for that list. To send the list to MailChimp, click on  MailChimp under the 'Export Options' and choose where you'd like the list sent.

Tip: As always, be sure you have permission before marketing to you contacts. MailChimp offers some easy to understand guidelines.

Cross Promote with or Export to other Email Marketing Services

From the List Detail Page - under the Export Options - select CSV. You'll be able to choose what data you want to export. Most email marketing systems will take a csv to bring in new contacts. Just import the csv and you're ready to go!