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How to set up a Shared Zap with Campaign Monitor

Batchbook can instantly import new Campaign Monitor newsletter subscribers from your Campaign Monitor account into Batchbook!

Connecting Accounts

To get started click on the "Use this Zap" button on our Campaign Monitor integration page.

If you've yet to connect your Zapier account to Batchbook you'll start by doing that. Either login to your already existing account or create a new one.

Login your credentials for Zapier.

Now click the "Make this Zap!" button.

You can now hit the "connect" button.

You'll need to go into your Campaign Monitor account and locate your API Key to enter it above. Below you'll see a screenshot of the admin panel in Campaign Monitor where your API key is located. Once you've entered it you can hit the "Yes, continue" button.

Select the Client Account you wish to connect and the List ID from that account that you want to bring new subscribers in from.

You'll be asked to verify which Batchbook account you are connecting. Some customers might have more than one Batcbook account, if this is the case you'll see each Batchbook account that you've connected to Zapier appear in this list.

Now it's time to pick which fields you want to connect. In the image above you'll see that the email field is automatically populated for you because it's a required field. To show additional fields you can add you need to click on the "Show advanced options" button.

In this example I've chosen to include the name of the contact.

Hint: Name will come in with First and Last name all in one field, you can either map this to first or last name.

Once you've completed adding the fields you want you'll submit it at the bottom of the page and you are good to go!

You'll receive this confirmation page that everything is now connected!

If you go back to the original page you started this process on you'll now see that the link has a new toggle switch for off and on.