How do I set up a new automation?

Automations are a fantastic way to save you time by automatting repetitive tasks. 

When this feature is enabled for your account, Owners and Admins of the account will find Automations under Settings when you click on your user name.

Click +Automation

Click on the +Automation button to start building a new automation.

Give it a name

Choose a name that explains what the automation accomplishes. This name will show up in your list of automations after you save your new automation.

Choose a trigger

The trigger is what will cause the automation to occur. Choose which trigger you'd like and define the details of that trigger.

Currently you can choose a trigger based on

  • a to-do being completed
  • a tag being added

If you're automating based on to-do's, tell us which to-dos to automate

If your automation is based on to-dos, tell us which to-do's we need to keep an eye on.

Note that you can use asterisks (*) to open up the search and look for to-dos with a particular word in the title. More details on using asterisks in your title can be found here.  

TiP: Automation titles are case sensitive. If you use only lower case in creating the automation, be sure to only use lower case when creating to-dos in the account. 

If you're automating based on tags, tell us which tags to automate

If you'd like to base your automations on tags, let us know which tags and records (contact, to-do or communication) you're working with.

Choose an action

The action is the thing that you want done automatically when the trigger occurs. Some actions will require you to fill out additional information. 

Current triggers include:

  • create a new to-do
  • send a new email

If you're creating a new to-do

Describe the to-do you would like created when your trigger occurs. You'll be able to create to-dos with all the regular fields available in Batchbook to-dos.

If you're sending new emails

Let us know the details & timing of the email you'd like to send. You can create a new email or create an email from a template already in the account.


If you'd like the email to be sent immediately - set your 'days after trigger' to 0 days.

In the To: field you can select to either send an email to a Tagged Contact or you can choose to send the email to another email address. This is a handy way to share details about what's happening with your Batchbook account. For example, if you're a non-profit you might choose to set up an email automation for your volunteer coordinator so that every time a new contact is tagged as a potential volunteer they get alerted about the new volunteer.

When using merge fields it will always grab information from the contact that is tagged whether or not the email is going to the tagged contact or a different email address. For example if you send gifts or treats to customers you can tag a contact with 'Auto-gift' and send an email to your gift supplier with the contacts address information included. Gift giving in a snap!

Keep in mind that other users can trigger emails through this automation and that batch actions and imports could also trigger automated emails if tags are applied. For that reason, we'd strongly encourage you to unique tags like 'Auto-gift' or 'Email-Welcome' to any tags that trigger automated emails. This is help ensure that other users don't inadvertently add this tag by mistake!

Save it

And you're done! Once you have your title, trigger and action, go ahead and save your automation. It will turn on immediately!

Be sure to test it out to make sure it's working as you expect.