Trouble Shooting Automations

I don't see Automations in the Settings menu in my account?

  • Only account Owners and Admins have access to create new task or email automations. If you're a basic or advanced user, check with your account owner/admin
  • If you're an owner or admin and don't see automations on your account, the plan you're currently own doesn't support automations.You'll need to upgrade to make them available in your account.

My Automation based on a To-Do name isn't working

  • Automation titles are case sensitive. Make sure you have the same capitalization in your titles as you do in you in Automation
  • Double check our asterisk guide below if you're trying to use the asterisks in title names

I don't understand the * (asterisk searches)

  • In order to make automations based on to-dos even easier, we've included asterisk searches so that the entire name of the to-do doesn't necessarily have to match each and every time. This give you a little flexibility in creating slightly different to-dos while still triggering the desired action.
  • You can use an asterisk to match zero or more characters. For example:
  • yellow* will match any text beginning with yellow
  • *yellow* will match any text containing yellow
  • *yellow will match any text ending in yellow
  • If you want to match on an actual asterisk, preface it with a backslash (\) like this: Ye\*llow will match Ye*llow exactly, including the asterisk.

I don't see my new action showing up?

  • It may take a few moment for the new automation to appear. Refresh your page to check and see if it's showing up.

What is a Trigger?

  • Triggers are what initiate the automation. It is the action the system looks for in order to create a new action. For example, completing a todo or adding a tag to a record.

What is an Action

  • Actions are what happens when a Trigger has occurred. For example, creating a new to-do after a tag has been added to a contact.