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What kinds of Automations are available in Batchbook?

Whether you're looking to streamline your sales process, create recurring to-do's or just assign tasks more efficiently, Batchbook has automations to fit your varied needs.

Current automation triggers and actions in Batchbook include:

  • Triggers
    • Complete a to-do with a certain title

      • Full or partial match on the title

    • Tag a record

      • Contact

      • Communication

      • To-do
  • Actions

Check back often as this list will continue to grow steadily :)

Need help creating an automation? Check out this article.

Ideas for using Automations

  • tag all incoming web form leads and assign a user to follow up
  • create a to-do template (multiple todos that work off of one another)
  • create recurring to-dos
  • tag all contacts newly created via Batchbox and assign to a user to have contact details rounded out
  • send an email to all new leads welcoming them
  • send group emails to teams or committees
  • send contact details to vendors for upcoming projects
  • check out a few samples of various email automation, todo automation and sale automation here