Automation Examples

Intersted in using Automations but not sure where to get started? Let us help! We've pulled together a few examples of how our teams and others are using both task automation and/or email automation to make our days (and weeks) a little easier.

Automated Follow-up ToDo for new Webform entries

We love the Formstack integration as many customers use it gather new leads from their website. It seamlessly pulls in new contacts who want to connect with you including any details you've included on your form. Since these new contacts took the time to reach out to you on your site you'll want to be sure to get back to them quickly to find out how you can help! This Automation will create a new todo for one of my team members to reach out to new contacts who have submitted a webform so that we can keep the relationship growing and no one slips through the cracks!

Recurring To-Dos

Have a recurring to-do that you'd like to set up once and be reminded of automatically? Automations are for you! Here's one I use to make sure I'm always prepped for a weekly meeting that somehow always manages to sneak up on me.