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How to create an Email template for the Gmail Integration

If you send the same email to a number of folks frequently, you'll want to create an email template to be used with your new Gmail Integration. With templates you can save a subject line and message as well insert merge fields for greater customization.

Create a new Template

To create a new template - head over to the Settings and  1) choose Templates from the menu. From there 2) click on the +template button.

Craft your email

Give you template a name, a subject and a body and then save. You can customize both the subject line & body message using merge fields.

Using Merge Fields

You can insert merge fields into both the subject line and body of the message to help add a bit of personalization to your message. Insert the merge field as listed below including the brackets on either side. Batchbook will pull the information from the listed 'Primary' location. So if your contact has more than one email, phone, address, etc. listed, keep in mind that we will pull data from the one listed as 'Primary'.

Edit or Delete saved Templates

You can edit or delete existing Templates from the Templates menu.