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Using Email Templates with the Gmail Integration

Once you've created a new template, you can apply that template to any emails you send using the new Gmail Integration. This huge time saver can easily help you stay in touch with your most valuable ciients.

Start a new email

From a contact you can select to start a new email by clicking on their email address or choosing to SEND EMAIL.

Select the template you want to use

Once you initiate the email, we'll automatically enter the To/From information based on which user is logged in and which contact record you're currently on. You can choose the template you'd like to use from the dropdown.

Add more customization as needed

We'll insert the template email and show you where any merge fields will be added. You can further customize the information by clicking in the box and editing inline. Click Send Now when you're ready and off the email will go. A copy of the email will attach to your record as the sender, to the contacts record as the receiver and on the Communication page. The email will also be retained in your Gmail account. Replies to your email will appear in your Gmail inbox.

** Reminder that the merge fields will be based off of the record you are currently on regardless of any new emails added in the To, CC or BCC fields.