Creating Tags

Creating new tags on the fly is quick and easy. If you need to identify records of a particular type, create new tags for easy organization. Create a new tag to identify contacts, set up new contact alerts or even power automations!

Create a new tag on a record

If you're working with your contacts or other records you may want to label your contact with a new tag. It's easy to create the tag quickly by typing it into the 'Add Tag' box. If you enter a tag that already exists, no problem, we'll show you any that match. If you enter a brand new tag we'll simply create it for you. No need to move off of the record you're currently working on.

Creating multiple new Tags

If you're just starting your account or creating a new workflow for your team, you may want to create a few new tags at once but not necessarily associated with any records just yet. If that's the case, head over to Settings and select Tags from the Setting list. You'll be sent to the Tags home page where you can add new Tags quickly without associating them with any records in the account.