Editing or Deleting Tags

Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes things change! For any number of reasons you may need to edit a tag or delete a tag.

To edit or remove Tags from Batchbook

If you need to edit a tag name or if you want to completely remove a tag from your Batchbook account you'll want to head to the Tags home page by going to your Settings menu and then Tags. Once on the Tags page you have the option to edit a tag or delete it. We'll let you know how many contacts are associated with that tag so that you'll know how it affects the contacts in your account. If you delete the tag from the account, the records associated with that tag will remain, only the tag is removed.

Edit/remove tags on a record

If you need to change the tags associated with a record you can remove them quickly by clicking the (x) after the tag name on that contacts record. It removes the tag from that record only. You can add new tags by typing them into the 'Add Tag' box.

Edit Tags on multiple contacts

When you need to add, edit or remove tags from multiple contacts at once, check out BatchActions for an easy way to quickly edit tags on multiple records. You can bulk edit the tags across multiple records in 4 easy steps:

  1. Check the box to the left of the individuals you'd like to edit (you can select to choose all contacts on a page or all contacts in the account using the buttons at the top of the list)
  2. Use the 'Select an action' drop down to Tag or Untag the list
  3. You'll be asked to specify exactly what tag to add or remove
  4. Confirm

Easy peasy your records will be updated in bulk at once.