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How do I set up email automation in Batchbook?

While we are big believers in maintaining that 1:1 relationship with your contacts and customers we know that there are occasions where you need a helping hand. So whether you're trying to set up email automation in Batchbook for sales automation or automated customer follow up, we can help!  

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From your Settings Menu head over to the Automations page and select to add a new Automation

Choose a trigger

Name your automation and Select what you would like to trigger your automated messages. If it's based off of a tag - name the tag you want to use.

*We strongly suggest that you use very specific tags that begin with a qualifier like 'Auto-' or 'Email-'  so that other team members will be aware that using that tag will trigger an automated email to be sent. No surprises!

Specify email contents and details

Now comes the fun! You'll be prompted to clarify the details of your email including who it's going to, when it's going and what it contains.

If you want it sent immediately upon tagging a contact, be sure to set it to be 0 days from trigger action.

Who is the email going to?

You have the option of deciding who the email will be sent to when creating an automation. You can choose to either send it to:

1) the Triggering Contact - which is fabulous for sending automated emails to customers and contacts. In this case, when you tag a contact the email will be sent to the contact you tagged (using their Primary Email). This is great for welcoming new customers, sending follow up details on an order or sending invitations - really anything! With merge tags you can make sure to incorporate personalization into the email. For example, our CEO sends a new automated message to every new account owner as a way of introducing them to this new feature.

2) an Email Address - in this case you can specify any email address to receive the communication- this is usually not the person who was tagged. This is a great way to share information about your contacts with either employees not using Batchbook, outside vendors or consultants. You can still use merge tags within the email to share basic details about the contact. For example, you can set up an automation to make gift giving to customers easier. You can tag a contact with 'Auto-Gift' and that can trigger an email to your favorite baker asking them to send yummy cookies to your new customer. Using merge tags you can customize the email to include the customer's name, phone number and address for delivery!

More Details

Check here for more information on the specifics of setting up various automations. And if you'd like more examples of automations we and our customers are using checking out these examples.