How do I automate to-dos?

Automations are a fantastic way to save you time by automatting repetitive tasks. By automating to-dos you can create a workflow, create a template or even create recurring todos.

When this feature is enabled for your account, Owners and Admins of the account will find Automations under Settings when you click on your user name.

Give it a name

Choose a name that explains what the automation accomplishes. This name will show up in your list of automations after you save your new automation.

Choose a trigger

The trigger is what will cause the automation to occur. Choose which trigger you'd like and define the details of that trigger.

Currently you can choose a trigger based on

  • a to-do being completed
  • a tag being added

If you're automating based on to-do's, tell us which to-dos to automate

If your automation is based on to-dos, tell us which to-do's we need to keep an eye on.

Note that you can use asterisks (*) to open up the search and look for to-dos with a particular word in the title. More details on using asterisks in your title can be found here.  

TiP: Automation titles are case sensitive. If you use only lower case in creating the automation, be sure to only use lower case when creating to-dos in the account. 

If you're automating based on tags, tell us which tags to automate

If you'd like to base your automations on tags, let us know which tags and records (contact, to-do or communication) you're working with.

Create a new to-do

Describe the to-do you would like created when your trigger occurs. You'll be able to create to-dos with all the regular fields available in Batchbook to-dos.

You can have the task be assigned to you or to others on the team!

Save it

And you're done! Once you have your title, trigger and action, go ahead and save your new to-do. It will turn on immediately!

Be sure to test it out to make sure it's working as you expect.