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How do I create a To-Do using Batchbox?

You can create To-Dos by sending e-mails to your personal Batchbox e-mail address (What is Batchbox?). For a message to be logged as a To-Do, rather than as a Communication, you’ll want to:

Send the message directly to Batchbox with no other recipients.

Start your subject line with “TODO:”

You can include a due date between TODO and the colon. Details should be included in the message body.

If you are using numbers for your date, they need to be in the DD/MM/YYYY format.

Other syntaxes that will work for the dates are:

June 27 2012

Jun 27 2012

27 June 2012

You may also add a time to your To-Do by including the time following the date in your subject line as shown in the example below.

Note: Not all To-Do fields are supported via Batchbox. Flagged, Assign To, and Attach To Contact will be blank for To-Dos created via Batchbox.