Contact Browse

The Contact Browse page is the heart of your contacts. Build filtered searches by selecting various qualifiers over to the left and narrow down your view to the records of your choice. Use the preview panel to get quick details and edit information on the go. If you need more information just click the 'MORE' button for additional details.

  1. Clear all currently set filters
  2. Live Search - starts with second letter
  3. Add new person/company
  4. Make contact a Champion
  5. Edit contact details
  6. Actions: Print, Export as vCard, Send via Email, Convert to Company, Delete
  7. Filter to view Champions, People, Companies, Tags, Custom Fields, etc.
  8. Check box to select contact and initiate batch actions
  9. More (expanded contact detail view)
  10. Set primary location details

For more details on working with Contacts in Batchbook, check out the following video!