To-Dos Navigation

Navigating Your To-Dos

Creating To-Dos within Batchbook is easy and you'll find them helpful to remind you to stay in touch and follow up with your contacts! You can search through your list of To-Dos using the live search (1) or filters (2). You can reset the filters at any time (3). To create or add a new To-Do, click the " +To-Do" button (4). You have the option to flag (5) or edit a To-Do (6). Click "Add Reminder" to add either an email or text reminder (7). You can set up reminders in the Settings section under Personal Settings. You can also add tags to your To-Dos (8). If you want to mark a To-Do off your list, click "Complete It!" (9). Need more time to finish your To-Do? Click "Procrastinate" which will push the To-Do out 7 days.