Build an Advanced Search

You've been working hard: gathering your contacts, setting up Custom Fields to keep track of their details and logging communications with a fever! Now it's time to reap the benefits of all that work by turning those details into useful Lists and Reports!

Create an Advanced Search

Start by clicking the Advanced Search icon in the banner. Use the drop down menu to select your first line of search criteria.  

Advanced Search creation and options

Build your Search using any information from Contacts and Custom Field Sets. Use the '+' and 'x' to add and delete fields as needed.

'+' and 'x' on the right will always control the AND criteria.

'+' and 'x' on the left will always control the OR criteria.

Once you've added your criteria, click the Search button at the bottom.



Results will be returned on the right - broken down by the number of records per record type. Once you're happy with the search you've created, you can either choose to Show Results, which brings you to the Advanced Search Results page, or choose to Export or View the results.  You can also click the 'save it as a list' link above to create a List from these results.

Keep in mind that we can only search across info on an individual record, not across record types. All of the information you're searching has to be applied to the same record or it won't be found in the search. For example - if you search "tag is x' and 'city is Y' - both the tag and city must be on a persons record for that person to be returned. If the city is on the company record, it won't be returned as a result.