Export your List to CSV/Excel

Export your Search Lists to .csv or Excel with a few quick clicks!

Click the CSV button from List Browse or List Detail pages

Click the CSV button associated with the List you'd like to export, then click on 'Export CSV'. This button is found on both the List Browse and List Detail pages.

Select Data to be Exported

Exportable Data is broken down into a few categories. Information under 'All Records' (1) is the basic information common to all types of records and can be chosen from this panel. Information specific to record type is broken into each record type: Contact (2). Custom Fields (3) live in their own independent section. To show more information/more specific fields - select 'show' (4).

Once you've selected all of the fields you'd like to export, click the 'Export' (5) button at the bottom of the screen. If possible, your .csv will be downloaded immediately. If it's a large file it will be queued and emailed to you when complete.

Exported Files will Live on Dashboard

Once downloaded all exported files will live in the 'Exports' widget on the Dashboard. They can be re-downloaded with a click or deleted. Deleting the export deletes only the exported file, not the List used to create the file.