Batch Actions

Need to tag lots of contacts at once? How about deleting contacts? No one wants to go one by one so we created Batch Actions. They are a super powerful way to help you get a whole lot done at once! Batch Actions are available pretty much anywhere you see those little boxes to the left of contact record.

Select Contacts to Be Edited

To begin batch processing records, check the box next to the name of each record you want to edit. Once Batch Actions are engaged you'll also have the option to quickly select All Shown, All Records or None if you change your mind. Then choose an action from the Batch Action pull-down menu that appears above the selected records, and follow the directions from there.

Batch Actions for Contacts

For a group of contacts you can Batch:

Batch Actions are available for contacts both on the Contacts Browse and from Advanced Search

Batch Actions for Lists

For a group of contacts you can Batch:

  • Delete Lists
  • Delete Lists and Contacts