Contact Detail Page

After you click the 'MORE' link on a contact record from the Contact Browse page, the record will look like this:

  1. Click the Actions dropdown to print, export as vCard, send contact details to a friend, convert the individual record to a company or delete the contact record
  2. Expand / collapse widget
  3. Add a Custom Field Set
  4. Move sections around by clicking and dragging to customize the contact record

Contact Detail Page continued...

  1. View your contact's Facebook and Twitter updates (authorize your accounts directly from a contact record)
  2. View and add related To-Dos
  3. View and add related Deals
  4. Affiliate one record with another
  5. Manage Affiliation types (you can add your own!)
  6. Attach files to the record
  7. View record stats like who created and last updated a contact record
  8. Add Comments to the record
  9. View and add related Communications
  10. Apply permissions for Basic users so they can view a record