Ahhhh, a place for everything and everything in it's place! If you need to add a Communication type, a To-Do category or create new Location labels - this is your place. Here's your chance to customize your account settings and make the account work for you.

Note: Deals Settings are covered here.

  1. Create new Communication Types
  2. Edit or Delete custom Communication Types
  3. Create new To-Do Categories
  4. Edit or Delete custom To-Do Categories
  5. Add new custom location labels (for phone, email, website, address).  Note: The location label at the top of each list will be the default location type when adding a new contact, so in this account when adding a phone number it will by default be set to "work voice mail" whereas when adding a website - by default it will be set to "blog".
  6. Add, Edit and Delete your Tags on this tab.