What is Batchbox? (Video Included!)

Batchbox is an email forwarding address that's unique to your Batchbook account. Grab your Batchbox email address from either the Communications page or from the "Hi [Your Name]" drop down menu -  choose Settings, and you'll see your address in the Batchbox widget. This little email address is a super savvy shortcut - from copying emails to creating To-Dos - there's a ton it can do!

Batchbox will work when sending emails from any email address that is associated with the users contact detail page. So, if you would like to use Batchbox with multiple email addresses - be sure to add them all to your contact detail page.

Copy Emails to your Clients using Batchbox

You can include your Batchbox email address in the BCC field when sending emails to your clients and contacts. The message will automatically be saved in Batchbook as a communication. The communication will be attached to both your record and the record of the person (or people) to whom the email was sent. The communication will also automatically have the Batchbox tag you created on your Settings page.

Forward Emails to Batchbox

If you have an email you won't be responding to but want to track in Batchbook, just forward it directly to your Batchbox email address. Be sure you don't have anything above that Forwarded Message line so the email makes it's way in successfully.  We'll bring the email into Batchbox and connect it to your contacts automatically!

Create a To-Do

Want to create a To-Do by email? It's easy when you use Batchbox!

Just send the email directly to your Batchbox email address. In the subject line follow this format:

TODO date: todo title {tag}

The date is best entered as June 29, 2012 or Jun 29, 2012. If you prefer a pure number format please note that it will require a DD/MM/YYYY format - 29/06/2012.

Multiple tags can be separated by a comma.

If you are having trouble and need a little help troubleshooting Batchbox take a look at our Batchbox Pointers section by clicking here.

Need a little more help? Check out our short batchbox tutorial