Is my data safe?

The safe-keeping of your data is a top priority here at Batchbook.  We go to great lengths to keep your information safe and reliable.  Here are some of the things we do:

  • All accounts come with industry standard encryption (TLS) as part of every plan. Many websites make you pay extra for this type of encryption, but with Batchbook your security comes first, so we offer this security on all accounts at no additional cost.
  • BatchBlue does not store any of your credit card information on our own servers. This information is kept secure with the leading internet payment company, Trust Commerce. You can read more about their impressive security measures here.
  • All Batchbook data is replicated across a multiple server environment so that it remains available to you in case of hardware failure or a disaster or other disruption.
  • Daily backups are run on every account to minimize loss of data.
  • You have control over who accesses your data on your end via your account settings.
  • Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the hosting facility for numerous reputable companies. For additional information on AWS security measures, please visit their website.
  • We are a self-certifying member of the U.S.-European Union and the U.S.-Switzerland Safe Harbor Frameworks and adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles. Details of our registration can be found here: BatchBlue's Safe Harbor Company Profile.
  • We maintain the complete privacy of your information.  We do not share your contact information or account data with any other party except as required by law, or as you direct us. We do not hold your Batchbook account hostage and we do not make it difficult for you to reclaim them or move them around.