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Adding new contacts to your account

Looking to add contacts to your account? Depending on whether you are adding a new person or a new company, click on the corresponding button from the contact browse page.

Once you click on the button, a screen will pop up where you can enter your contact details. You will be able to enter name and information like address, email, and phone. You can also enter your contact's Facebook and Twitter name or ID, tags, and there is a field to fill in some information about your contact. If you have global custom field sets applied to certain types of records, you will be able to fill that data out as well. If you are an admin on the account and you have basic users, you can apply permissions. Once you are finished filling out the contact details, click the 'Create Person' or 'Create Company' button. Done - it's as easy as that!

Note: You can also add people/contacts to your account through importing or via the quick add buttons!