Deactivated Users

You have the option to deactivate a user in Batchbook if you need to. By deactivating a user, you can store the information they created as a user but remove access to their account. Their record will remain in the list of contacts and you will be able to reactivate them in the future if you need to!

To Deactivate a Current User

From the Users tab, click the edit link next to the user you would like to deactivate. Then select the deactivate user link. The user will now be moved into a deactivated state.

Deactivated Users:

  1. Cannot log into account
  2. Will be removed from all permission options for records
  3. Will be removed from the "assigned to" pull down menu on Custom Fields and to-dos
  4. ACTIVE to-dos assigned to a deactivated user will be re-assigned to the account owner

To make a Deactivated User Active again

From the Users tab click on the Deactivated Users link.

Click the Activate link next to the user you would like to reactivate.