Setting up Formstack

Gathering information from your contacts on the web is easier than ever. With a Formstack account you can create webforms to be shared or embedded on your site. Information collected through Formstack can be passed back here into Batchbook, easy peasy!  

Create Webform in Formstack

First, create a new form in Formstack. If you're bringing data into Custom Fields, be sure to match the field type up with the field types that are in your Batchbook account. If you're using multiple choice fields, be sure that the choices in your Formstack account match exactly. If we're trying to bring data into the Custom Fields above, be sure that the Custom Field options (New York, San Francisco, New Orleans) match the choices offered in the form.

Activate Integration

After you've created the form you love, head over to the Settings tab and select the Integration Hub from the menu on the left. Click on the folder for Customer Relationship Management and then the Add button for Batchbook. You will need to initiate this integration on each form created.

Enter your Batchbook account name and account API key when prompted, then click the Continue button.

Confirm where data will integrate

Confirm where data will integrate

For each field on your form, select where data will map into Batchbook. We encourage you to enter a tag which will be applied to all contacts who are created via webform.

If you are linking to a Custom Field, you'll see them at the bottom of the list. Currently, the integration supports one Custom Field. Choose the Custom Field from the Custom Field Set dropdown. Select which Custom Field you would like to be matched with each field on your form.

Publish or Embed your form

Once the form is saved, you can choose to publish or embed it on your site as needed.

That's it! Submissions to the form will be passed to Batchbook quickly!

It's a great integration built by the Formstack team! We hope you enjoy!